Fit Men Cook, a guru of practical and healthy eating, offers up sage advice before making your plate on Super Bowl Sunday


Kevin Curry has built his brand into one of the most popular go-to sources for healthy and practical recipes. PHOTO: Courtesy

By W.G.Ramirez

It’s Super Bowl Sunday, and that can mean only one thing, right?


Okay, so there may be a football game going on as well. But there are Super Bowl parties going on everywhere, and before the Carolina Panthers and Denver Broncos take the field Sunday, crowd will gather all over, for parties that will have plenty of good food to enjoy!

This past week we caught up with Kevin Curry – founder of Fit Men Cook – during his busy schedule to discuss some healthy ways to enjoy the day, without going overboard and sticking to your meal plan.

Curry, whose Fit Men Cook brand has spread like wildfire the past couple of years, after his original intent was to share the meals he was eating every day, with hopes of those in the fitness industry offering tips. Curry shared his journey online during a time nobody else was using social media to chronicle their transition.

Now, millions follow Curry on Instagram, looking for tips and recipe ideas with the simplest route to a tasty dish. His videos and captions lead his followers to even more tips and  plenty of recipe ideas at his user-friendly website.

“It is actually pretty practical and easy,” said Curry, about meal prepping or preparing healthy meals. “I think they overthink it. I don’t know if they’re nervous or anxiety trying to make it look like a Pinterest post. I think it’s almost like Netflix, there are so many choices. And once you start thinking too much: ‘do I want this do I want that,’ by the time it comes to make a choice, people give up and end up eating unhealthy.”

That’s why Curry’s quick-tip videos on Instagram became so popular, and he quickly became a favorite guest at fitness expos, or morning TV shows and across the country in several capacities. Going into his fourth year as “Fit Men Cook,” Curry said he never really grasped or imagined the concept of becoming an icon in the fitness industry.

“I remember my mom, when I first started out, she said ‘this is going to be great for you,'” Curry said. “People would always say that. But I never thought about, I didn’t want to get disappointed, because I wasn’t focused so much on brand – it was on content creation.

“I’ve got my own goals where I’d like to take Fit Men Cook, and how I want to impact people. But that isn’t the litmus test I give myself to make me happy. It’s when I meet people like (perFIct lifestyle co-founder) Jordin (Ramirez), and sharing recipes in the industry. Or people I’ve helped to lose weight, because they began making healthy and practical choices.”

This year, Curry is excited to introduce his own line of seasonings, which are expected to be released in the spring. A current Kickstarter campaign has raised more than $130,000 for production.

“I’m super excited about the spices coming out,” Curry said. “I wanted to get inside of people’s kitchens in a whole new way. Giving them a practical tool that would help them. The spices allow me to do that. People will have them in their kitchens in less than a month. It’s pretty exciting to have that on the horizon.”


Buffalo Sliders were one of Kevin Curry’s featured items this past week across Social Media leading up to Super Bowl Sunday. PHOTO: Snapchat @FitMenCook.

A few dishes he has enjoyed experimenting with on his You Tube channel, using his Spice Cave seasonings, are ones he also suggested as perfect dishes for Super Bowl Sunday.

  • GUACAMOLE – Avocado! You can’t lose. It’s always a crowd pleaser. It’s pretty hearty already. Whenever you eat raw veggies with it, you will get fuller. And if you add smoked salmon, it is super high in protein, and becomes a healthy, fatty dish.
  • CHICKEN – Whether it’s wings or grilled tenders. Wings are okay, but bake them before deciding to fry them. If you take time to trim the excess fat, you can cut 15 calories per small chicken wing. For a 10-wing plate, that’s 150 calories. If you want a no-fat option, use grilled tenders by putting them on the grill, or baking them in the oven.
  • PROTEIN – Flank steak is a great choice as a leaner option for beef lovers. Bison is also one of my favorite proteins. It’s super lean and it’s wild. It’s got great flavor to it as well, and you can feel full without all that saturated fat.

The biggest key during the big game is portion control, says Curry.

“Sometimes you don’t want to get up because the game is on, which is good, because you can digest. If you load everything on your plate when you get there, you have a tendency to clean your plate. Just get small portions and eat slower. And with the process of eating slower, your body will talk to your brain and tell you you’re full.”

Curry said by eating a small plate pre-game, one at halftime and a small one after the game might be the best strategy to avoid overeating all day, and paying for it by the time 60 Minutes comes on later Sunday night.

And, add water. Lots of it.

“The best way to watch what you’re eating is to drink water,” Curry said. “Water will hydrate you and give you the sensation of being full. It’s important if you’re trying to watch your calories. Also, if you’re a coffee drinker, have an iced black coffee as an appetite depressant.”

Finally, the Dallas-resident shared his thoughts on the game, and who he will be rooting for since his Cowboys are preparing for the NFL Draft, and not playing in the game.

“I’m rooting for Cam Newton! He’s a beast. Any dude that can throw the ball and run it like a linebacker has my vote. He takes me back to the early Vince Young days, and of course he’s from Texas and I’m a Texas guy.

CURRY’S PREDICTION: Panthers 28, Broncos 24.

Here is our Celebrity/Athlete/Media poll for Super Bowl 50:

Laz Alonso, actor. Going to be a defense intensive game but Carolina and Cam are on fire and too much for Denver. Panthers, 35-14

Mark Anderson, LV Review Journal. Denver defensive coordinator Wade Phillips will help the Broncos cover, but not cover. Panthers 24-20

Paul Anka, singer/songwriter/entertainer. Panthers will win. I watched my friend Eddie DeBartolo get voted into the Hall of Fame, and now I’ll watch the MVP hoist the trophy. It’ll be close won. Panthers 24-20

R.J. Bell, Carolina is the better team, but likely not as good as the Panthers have appeared so far in the playoffs. Denver likely better than they seem, and the Broncos big game experience should help them keep Super Bowl 50 close. Panthers 21-20

Kevin Bollinger, FOX-TV Las Vegas. While everybody would love the storybook ending for Peyton Manning, the diminished skills make it tough for Denver to come back after falling behind. Panthers 27-16

Bryce Brentz, MLB player. Logic says to go with Cam’s Panthers, but I would love nothing more than to see Manning go out on top (if he does call it a career) so screw logic! Broncos 35-28

Jared Brentz, long-drive golf champion. I have to believe Payton goes out on top. I mean he deserves this ending. Broncos 21-17

Cindy Brunson, Pac 12 Network. I’m going with the guy/team that has me trying Dannon Oikos yogurt and I don’t even really like yogurt. Call it the power of Cam Newton, the MVP who threw 35 TD passes and ran for 10 more this season. Carolina reminds me so much of the Super Bowl XLVIII Champion Seahawks with a stifling defense and dual threat QB. The game will be close early, but I think the Panthers will prevail. Panthers 35-21

Chet Buchanan, KLUC-98.5 FM, Las Vegas. I like The Sheriff riding off into the sunset, mostly on the shoulders of the #OrangeCrush16. Pat/Caitlyn Bowlen is able to get his face to move enough to say, “And THIS one’s for PEYTON!” Broncos 27-20

Frank Caliendo, Comedian/ESPN. Panthers 30 – Broncos 17 or flip that. Broncos 30 – Panthers 17. Can I do that? (In his own voice)

Steve Carp, LV Review Journal. Cam Newton backs up all the talk and Carolina closes out a magical season in style. Panthers 38-13

Freddie Coleman, ESPN. I think the Panthers defense makes the Broncos offense play one dimensional and their defense won’t be able to hold up. Panthers 27-16

Tim Dahlberg, Associated Press. Peyton Manning falls one Super Bowl ring short of his brother, thanks to Josh Norman, who cements his place on Thieves Avenue with a last minute pick to seal the first SB win for the Panthers. Panthers 27-24

Dave DeNatale, ESPN 850 AM, Cleveland. Peyton Manning in his Nationwide voice: “Painful way to call it quits.” Panthers 31-20

Randy Faehnrich, UFC, I’ve been a big believer in Denver’s defense all year. If there is a way to stop Cam, it’s to put pressure on him, and you’d be hard-pressed to find two better at applying pressure than Ware and Miller. I think the game really depends on how those two perform, and I’m banking they perform well. Give me the Broncos and Peyton Manning w/ the storybook ending. Broncos 24-20

Royce Feour, Retired Las Vegas Review-Journal sports writer. Cam Newton will be better than the old veteran Peyton Manning. Panthers 27-17

Chris Fedor, The Panthers proved to be the league’s best team during the regular season and will punctuate it Sunday, led by Cam Newton, who will show he belongs on the league’s biggest stage. Panthers, 27-17.

Marcus Fizer, retired NBA player. My pick is with the Carolina Panthers and with #SuperCam. They are playing on a level unmatched. Although you can never count out “The Sheriff” Peyton Manning, I think Cam is ready to change the dynamics of the NFL QB! Hoping for a close game, I love thrillers. Panthers 48-42

C.T. Fletcher, Powerlifter/Fitness, no score, just a mother fu*kin Broncos win! Manning and the Broncos. Admittedly not a huge fan of either team. But it’s probably Manning’s last game. He’s 40 and the underdog. I gotta pull for the “old man” cause I’m one. Gotta pick the underdog cause I’m one. I think Manning and I love to prove all the fu*kin experts wrong!

Vernon Fox, Retired NFL player. While I would love to root for my Broncos and fellow Vegas Cimarron Memorial-alum Brandon Marshall, I have a hard time believing even with the stellar defense, that Denver slows down this high-powered Panther team! Panthers 28-17

Randy Gatewood, Retired AFL player. I like the Panthers because they have been very consistent all year and they have the league MVP in Cam Newton. As great as Denver’s defense is, I don’t think they completely shut down Newton. And I think Cam Newton will also be the Super Bowl MVP. Let’s get ready to rumble! Panthers, 24-20

Bud Geracie, San Jose Mercury News. Panthers too fast and too hot. Panthers 23-14

Mike Gillespie, ABC-TV Columbia, S.C. Despite it being Manning’s last game and a pro-Denver crowd, Von Miller won’t be dabbing. That Panthers secondary is far too fast and smart to allow Manning to throw like he did against the Pats. Plus Newton, unlike Brady, is a true threat with his legs. Manning’s last game is a loss to the Panthers in Santa Clara. Panthers, 27-13

Geoff Grammer, Albuquerque Journal. I cover college sports in New Mexico so what do I know about big football games? I’ll take better story (Peyton rides off a winner) over better team for this one. Broncos 20-17

Ed Graney, LV Review Journal. If Peyton Manning can’t win this on his own, I’m sure his attorneys will send a few guys in black coats to do it for him. Panthers 24-20

Paul Gutierrez, ESPN, Panthers 27, Broncos 26.

Merril Hoge, ESPN. Teams win championships and the footers to a Champion football team are the Offensive and Defensive lines!! The Panthers win both of those match ups. Panthers 28-21

Jay Kornegay, Westgate LV SuperBook. Broncos start off on a good foot and puts the Panthers in an unfamiliar position. Denver’s D forces two critical 4th quarter turnovers and holds on. Broncos 24-20

T.J. Lavin, BMX Legend, Tom Brady 35-27!

Gilbert Manzano, LV Review Journal. The ferocious Broncos defense will give the Panthers fits early, but I see Cam Newton rallying in the fourth quarter and dabbing with the Lombardi. Panthers 27-24

Brian Mahoney, Associated Press. They’re Stephen Curry’s team, and Curry’s teams don’t lose in the Bay Area. Panthers 27-17

Chris Murray, Reno Gazette Journal. Cam Newton and the Panthers dance and dab their way to a Super Bowl title as a scourge of white Baby Boomers flood their local newspapers with letters to the editors title “What about the kids?!?!?” Oh, my, gosh, the kids! Panthers 27-17

Rock Newman, Retired Boxing Manager/Promoter. Owner Gibraltar Promotions LLC. It’s the year of Cam and the Panthers. Dab baby Dab! Panthers, 31-28.

Mike Pritchard, Retired NFL player. I believe Peyton Manning wll have the game of his life. Broncos, 24-20

David Purdum, ESPN. The best thing Peyton Manning has done this season: throw interceptions. Carolina’s D is a turnover machine. I feel like Manning’s good for two picks, which is just too much to overcome, at least for me to bet on the Broncos. I know all the sharps are Denver, but here’s a pro tip: Sharps lose, too. Panthers 27-16

Tim Reynolds, Associated Press. Peyton Manning gets the fairytale ending. Broncos 27-23

Anthony Rodriguez, KMET Online Radio, Denver. Broncos 23-20.

Jeffrey Seals, UNLV Media Relations. Luke Kuechly and the Panther defense will turn the lights out on Peyton Manning’s storied career. Panthers 33-13

Marc Spears, Yahoo! Sports. I’m a Raiders fan. Panthers 99, Broncos 0.

Danny Webster, Bleacher Report. The Broncos did well against Ben Roethlisberger and Tom Brady. Denver’s defense hasn’t played a quarterback like Cam Newton. Not only will Carolina’s defense do enough to stifle Denver’s offense, but this year’s MVP will throw for 225 yards and run for another 100 as Carolina wins its first Super Bowl. Panthers 27-17

Jamieson Welsh, The Score 670-AM Las Vegas. It’s Cam’s league now. Panthers 24-20

Matt Youmans, LV Review Journal. The Panthers pack more big-play firepower, but the Broncos’ top-ranked defense can do enough to contain Cam Newton. I like Carolina to win, but on a neutral field this line looks high. Panthers 24-20

FINAL TALLY: Panthers 31, Broncos 10, Caliendo 1, Lavin 1