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FAMIGLIA – from the latin word familia

At perFIcT lifestyle, we like to consider all members of teamperFIcT family, whether a client, an ambassador, an athlete or quite simply, a customer who loves to wear our gear or use our seasonings. Altogether, all as one, we consider teamperFIcT familia.

Co-founder Jordin Ramirez has serviced hundreds of clients via free consultation, meal plans, workout programs, transformation programs or 1-on-1 training. It’s his close bond and personalized service he provides to his clients that forms a unique bond and creates a family-like relationship. Jordin nurtures those relationships because he cares about the progress of his clients, and it’s that concept of making each and every client feel unique and special to our company, that adds pride to their social media posts that include #teamperFIcT.

YOU – our customers – are part of our familia as well. When you purchase one of our perFIcT seasonings, a transformation program, workout program, or simply a tee shirt, and you’re willing to attach yourself to the perFIcT lifestyle brand, we consider you a part of our family.

And lastly, welcome to the familia!

Jordin Ramirez, Co-Founder
image1Jordin Ramirez, a Las Vegas-native, pro natural bodybuilder under the Musclemania brand as a classic physique contestant. Jordin is a 2X Musclemania champion, as he also was crowned 2017 Jr. Bodybuilding Champion at Musclemania’s most prestigious event, Fitness America.

A product from Arbor View High School, where he graduated with an Advanced Honors Diploma in 2014, Jordin has been a certified personal trainer with the International Sports Sciences Association since 2014.

Ranked the No. 1 Jr. Bodybuilder in the natural world, Jordin has grown perFIcT training, a division of perFIcT lifestyle. From pro athletes, to college athletes, to high school athletes, to senior citizens, to moms and dads, to everyday fitness enthusiasts who care about their health.

Jordin has been training since he was five years old, in some capacity, as he began practicing the martial art of Tae Kwon Do in 2001. His background in the martial arts has surfaced over the years in his participation in Baseball, Football, Wrestling and now Personal Training, Weightlifting and Physique and Bodybuilding competition. Those who have seen his work ethic first-hand have been witness to the five tenets of Tae Kwon Do – Modesty, Integrity, Perseverance, Self-Control and Indomitable Spirit – as they’ve emerged from his athleticism.

His seven-year involvement in the martial art led him to earn his first-degree Black Belt, while he was an accomplished Junior Olympic-style tournament competitor from 2002-2007. Now, Jordin brings his work ethic and tenacity to the fitness industry, changing lives every day.

W.G. Ramirez, Co-Founder

f63480380Willie Ramirez has been an accomplished member of the Southern Nevada media since 1987, when his first-ever article was published in the Las Vegas Sentinel Voice, Nevada’s only African American newspaper. Willie was president of distribution and served as the sports editor for the now-defunct publication. In 1995 he joined the Las Vegas Review Journal. Since 1999, Willie has worked as a freelance sports reporter, covering many aspects of the sports field.

He is currently the Southern Nevada correspondent for The Associated Press, covering the Vegas Golden Knights. He also covers UNLV, the NBA Summer League, USA Basketball for the world’s oldest and largest news-gathering organization.

In addition to the Las Vegas Review Journal, Willie has written directly for USA Today, the Mountain West Conference, the New York Daily News, Fort Worth Star Telegram, Minneapolis Star-Tribune, Orange County Register, Arizona Republic, San Jose Mercury News and Nevada Magazine – to name a few.

Spanning four decades as a member of the media, Willie has attained several awards for his efforts, ranging from page-design awards, writing awards and community service awards.

Lee Strawther, Director of Creative and Graphic Design
leeLee is a freelance graphic artist and former publisher/editor of the Las Vegas Sentinel-Voice Newspaper. As the former owner/publisher/editor of the Las Vegas Sentinel-Voice newspaper, and a three year stint as editor of the Las Vegas Employment Guide, Lee has more than 30 years experience in publishing, advertising, marketing and graphic design. A past president of the Las Vegas Association of Black Journalists, Strawther studied Communications at Pacific University in Oregon before returning to Las Vegas when the Sentinel was established in 1980 by his parents.

A 40-year resident of Las Vegas, Lee has been freelancing for the past 20 years. Named three times to the “Top 40 Under 40” published by the Las Vegas Business Press, he currently designs Las Vegas Black Image and NeoSoul Vegas magazines, in addition to managing his various other graphic design projects.

Strawther and his late wife of 20 years, Lourdes, who succumbed to a three-year battle with breast cancer in late 2011, are the proudparents of three talented children, Paige, Paris and Julian.


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